After adding to cart, you will be asked to upload a copy of and/or provide a link to your dance video for review. You may view a sample Recorded Video Review below.


It’s simple – upload a video of your dance or routine to our website and receive personalized, comprehensive feedback on your performance, technique or choreography to add polish and impact! You can use a video shot from your phone, or iPad, or a professional video that you own from a competition. You can also send a YouTube or Vimeo link that you have made accessible.

The Dance Coach will review your video, and record feedback, including very specific pointers and corrections. The Dance Coach’s voiceover will correspond directly to the video sequence, which allows you to use the feedback to make adjustments that will help your dance shine.

Please be sure to upload the highest quality video possible. This will allow your virtual coach to see even the finest details, and give you greater feedback. Consider the following when making your video:
● Lighting – extremely important for ease of viewing across entire stage area
● Background – contrast between the dancer and the stage and backdrop
● Angle – direct eye level view of the dancer is ideal
● Definition –high definition video with greater frames per second will provide greater opportunity for slow motion and paused comments

* The length of video can be between 1:00- 3:30 minutes only.
* You must own/have permission to use the video submitted (see our Terms of Service)
* Please allow 7-10 days to get your review posted.
* All reviews are available to view for 30 days only.
* For ages 18 and older. Anyone under 18 must get permission from parent or guardian to purchase a review. (Please see our Terms of Service)
* All feedback is confidential between you and The Dance Coach.
* No refunds once your dance has been uploaded and reviewed.

Check out some examples from a Recorded Video Review:

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